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What is the difference in meaning of the words frost and cold?

In the sense of purely temperature - frost is very very cold. Well, like -5 is still cold but -25 is already frost (the residents of Yakutia with that may disagree...).\r\n\r\pede one difference - in adjectives formed from these nouns (cold and frosty). Cold is thisisit characteristic of the object in question. But "frosty" has the property that can cool something. You can say "cold soup", and it will be clear what it is, but to say "cold soup" anymore, it is perceived as nonsense. "Cold air" and "frosty air" too, things are a little different. The frosty air freezes, it is able to cool, freeze something else.\r but the word "cold" has figurative meanings. The chill in relations. From it emanated such a cold... of Course, "frost" is also common in set expressions (the creeps), but the meaning of the relevant idioms are markedly different.
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