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бизнес и финансы

How much money per day do you spend?

From a few dozen to several thousand. If, on average, 200-300 RUB/day.\r\n\r\pesli in some of the days particularly nothing, only to buy bread, then spend only the price of bread. Or if nothing else, but the walk and on the way home cheburek, samsa or hychiny to buy. It is within 100 RUB.\r\n\r\PA may need to buy the products. I try the products more than RUB 800 to spend, the budget to be spent evenly. With the exception of holidays such as new year or birthday. There may be 3000 to spend.\r\n\r\PA sometimes you need to buy something or repair materials. Here, too, maybe up to several thousand on the day of purchase to reach.
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