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As it is now called the city of Ustinov?

The capital of the Republic of Udmurtiya, city of Izhevsk was called from 1984 to 1987-Ustinov, and until 1918 was called the village of Izhevsk plant. In 1918 the settlement was granted city status and became known as Izhevsk. After his death in 1984, the famous Soviet politician comrade Ustinov Politburo member and Minister of defence of the USSR, the city was known until 1987 its name. During the "perestroika" he was returned to the former name. Currently, the Izhevsk largest city of the Russian Federation, its population exceeds 648. On January 1, 2018 the city of Izhevsk held the 20-th place in population among 1113 cities in the Russian Federation. In the city lived and worked the famous gunsmith, inventor of the equally famous machine "Kalashnikov". Since 1991 Izhevsk is a part of International Association of twin towns, and is twinned with 12 cities around the World, including those of Tula, the second arms center of the Russian Federation.
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