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Why beauty and one, a plain woman in appearance, and many fans?

To be honest, just such a situation, I have never met in real life. Those rare beauties that I knew, it really is generally accepted beauty, not just pretty girls, which are all evaluated in different ways, they were never alone, already 12 years they had a gaggle of admirers, they were very early married, live very well for the time being and no one has divorced. Of these beauties the husband drank, walked, wore home the money and all, just would have behaved like animals, I also have not heard.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pcakge, unattractive women with a herd of fans for the time being I also did not notice. Just the opposite. Many of these ladies of course got married and lived very well and lived with their husbands, but generally, this man was almost their only suitor for whom they got married, apparently deciding not to risk to remain without suitors. Sometimes courtship as such by their husband and were not, and the initiative came purely from such a small and modest by appearance girls. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\photo if the girl is financially well secured and has some significant status in society, I do not rule out a queue of willing candidates, despite the problematic appearance and overall uninteresting. Apparently the presence of distinct bonuses beneficial shade and highlight her wonderful spiritual qualities, deep inner peace, intelligence, wisdom and something else there, which is a hitherto-unknown inner wealth begins to play with bright colors, attracting potential husbands for dowry.
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