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Why say in advance in my life to plan anything?

Make plans for life a must! You need to set concrete goals and steps to calculate the options. Otherwise the whole life will become empty marking time. Such planning helps a lot in life. For example, set a goal in December 2018 to get rid of "superfluous" apartments-up to this passed her, but no more forces "to lick" after the employers. And to sell it had it in December: December 4, was moved out the next tenants, and in January to prepare for the holiday season and time for the screenings will not. Shows were 3 times a day or went to the other end of the city. Inappropriate "buyers" had exhausted all the nerves, but on 25 December the apartment was sold and the money received in full. The transaction is carried out in time-after the New year prices for "secondary housing" fell. Also planned in 10 years to sell the cottage-the strength to handle it efficiently will not be, and in a state of neglect she strongly loses in the price.
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