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философия, непознанное

What are the advantages when you live alone?

Some solid pros. Unless of course the independence and courage is. On your own, no distractions and not stopping for anyone not worried in a steep and risky life turns and in extreme situations, because the fear is not for anyone, so can position itself as anything and hands are completely untied. So alone enemies always had to cope a thousand times harder than a person who has loved ones, after which it you can always push. And this necessarily happens, since scoundrels and rascals, unlike people, never existed any unacceptable methods of struggle, and no holds barred. But in situation one they are completely unarmed. Here is their main weapon - fear the man behind loved ones, absolutely no channel, and therefore, they alone have to fight - there is no other way, and the vast majority of the number of vile scum to fight hate, because of their innate cowardice. They love to brutally mock people when they are not in danger, but as it comes to a real fight they run, even a crowd of one. So the pros. Some solid pros.
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