Narrowed the monitor screen how to get it back?

Hehe. The fault schema of the sweep, this is possible and quite common in CRT monitors. Accordingly, Vertical scanning or horizontal. If there is a fault in vertical sweep easier, traditionally, this capacity of electrolytes there is 2 PCs. (depending on what pursed his left or right shoulder, or both). During horizontal scan, everything is boring, most likely high voltage high frequency transistor, it is possible kerdyk row transformer, there is a lot that can be. It all depends on the appearance of the fault. But it happens in LCD monitors when dumped firmware of the matrix (roughly speaking incorrectly is determined by matrix type). You need to reprogram the Matrix and the hat. Purchased the programmer Vertyanova or any other, which can stitch on a loop of a matrix searching on the Internet firmware Chiesa and will arrive with you good luck!)
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