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Sofia Paleolog, how she influenced the history of Russia?

Sophia Palaeologus was the niece of the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine 9, with cancers died as a simple warrior, clearing himself of the Imperial insignia, in the battle with the Turks. Mahmed 4 Sultan of the Ottoman ruler planned to conquer Byzantium. Under the blows of his numerous troops, Constantinople fell, it was renamed Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia was the main Mosque of Istanbul. Brother of Emperor Constantine and his family managed to escape under the protection of the Pope. Sophia Palaeologus arrived in the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and married the Prince of Moscow Ivan the 3. Sophia brought with them the ancient books of the Byzantine Empire, as well - the throne of the Byzantine emperors. Moscow and therefore called the Third Rome, because it was Constantinople, the Sophia Palaeologus -a link between Byzantium and Russia. Sophia Paleolog contributed to the education of the Moscow Principality and to strengthen the Orthodox faith.
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