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Promotions and discounts of the Magnet 27 February 2019? Directory of Magnet, what is it?

The action in supermarkets "the Magnet" will start from 27 February 2019, but the catalog with goods that have already been printed and published.\r\n\r\NIN the catalog the customer can see great discounts for food and household goods.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\shokoladnye chocolate assortment "merci" - 43 percent. Condensed milk "Rogachev" - 32 per cent.\r\n\r\pmasa creamy "Buttermilk" - 37 percent. Wheat flour Makfa/s - 29 percent.\r\n\r\psline beef chilled beef "Home" - 25 percent. Red salmon caviar - 19%.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pelmeni "Ostankino" - 35 percent. Dumplings with marble beef, "agribusiness" is 50 percent.\r\n\r\frikadelki beef from agribusiness - 38 percent. Homemade beef burgers 26 percent.\r\n\r\Progetti with cheese sauce "Hot," and chicken nuggets with cheese - stock 2 for 1.\r\n\r\chisipite with ham and mushrooms Hot - 36 per cent. Sweet corn 22%.\r\n\r\zamorozhenye SOT "colors of summer" - 17 percent. Cucumbers and Berlin, "Uncle Vanya" - 40 percent.\r\n\r\Pikra eggplant "Treat Slav" - 24 percent. Siberian berry mashed with sugar - 21 %.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\Pves directory is on this service.
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