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Possible for children to eat curd at night or in the morning?

It is possible and necessary. It was on the night... rather, it is a well used cottage cheese at night... however, he used without restrictions at any time of the day. \r\n\r\nbut in the evening the curd is perfect as a high protein product that does not contain carbohydrates... and most importantly - they do not add. And it is possible in addition to use, to no less (but rather more) harm. But fat can and should be, and the same already mentioned, the sour cream is ideal in combination with cheese. \r\n\r\pblock... cheese contains a lot of casein, a milk protein. And casein - melanosomal protein, a digestible night, during sleep, and used by the body for tissue repair and muscle growth.\r\n\r\so what do I eat cheese and cottage cheese at night in particular.
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