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For what purposes in the Russian Federation created a system of "OKSION"?

System "OKSION" - is all-Russian integrated system of warning and informing the public authorities, emergency situations (Ministry of internal Affairs and FSB) on potential emergency situations (es) and/or terrorist acts, improving the culture of safety, preparation of the population for a possible emergency.\r\n\r\informirovanie population using led or LCD display that can be seen, for example, in cities near by fire units. On the data Board displays information: results of monitoring of the situation in the village, recommendations on behavior in nature, recommendations for dealing with a gas furnace and equipment, warning of bad weather, the recommendations of the action in case of fire, recommendations for first aid, etc.\r\n\r\pervye scoreboard was installed in 2006, in 2019, there are 668 complexes. The installation of information boards and the creation of informational videos is the Federal Autonomous institution, (FAU) "its OKSITON", the main supervising body which is located in Moscow, and its structure repeats the administrative division of Russia.\r\n\r\Sistema is governed by the Federal laws №68, №28, №151, №69, №38, government regulations No. 841, No. 547, No. 335.
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