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What occupations are associated with a writer?

Oh , a lot of them!The writer is a state of mind.Even in his childhood began to come up with a small quatrains , and impressed with yourself, counting the poet.In school writing essays , it is also writing talent.At work can, write explanatory for their misdeeds , so that you forgive and still regret it!When young people want to associate their work with writing , they will graduate , but there are those who abduraman nature and could not write worse than graduates.Now valued POETS, open Internet sites , where you can write congratulatory poems ,poems that composers invent music and they become a song.WRITERS - write interesting pieces, JOURNALISTS-run programs , write articles on various topics.WRITER-no staging, performance or film is complete without him .The actor learns the words he wrote.In General, every person in varying degrees, associated with a writer.
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