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How to cure lipoma at home?

Simple language is a benign neoplasm composed of fat cells in the form of a pouch formed under the skin. Occurs in consequence of the obstruction of the channel of the sebaceous gland. Sometimes even \r\n\r\poyavlyaetsa hole to the outside, through which the fat can be squeezed out, but it eventually builds up again in the same volume.\r\n\r\Ptak that treat a consequence is meaningless. And to clear the channel of the sebaceous gland at home - utopia. \r\n\r\piruli suggest surgical removal. This is the case if the gland is clearly visible and adds inconvenience, even if just cosmetic. But if it is not visible to the inconvenience it creates, I suggest not to touch it at all. Any operation can give an unexpected effect. \r\n\r\PTO that the Internet offers and Vishnevsky ointment, aloe juice, and other tools, in my opinion - nonsense. The more manipulation, the greater the risk to provoke something wrong, let not the Wen, but around it. \r\n\r\Ptak that the answer is not to treat a lipoma at home, consult a specialist.
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