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Why do most children`s books written in verse?

Books for children written in verse so that children could these poems easy to learn. After all, prose to learn how much harder. \r\n\r\nThis is done to ensure that children, memorizing verses, and trained my memory. Otherwise, later in school it will be difficult to learn. As it turns out. Children know a lot of poetry, learn easily, and Vice versa. \r\n\r\n only the most talented have time in school to dramatically improve memory and also begin to learn well. But there are some. \r\n\r\mamy and dad, do not leave children alone with gadgets. Children should learn poems in books, otherwise later they will thank you for it you will not tell. The maximum that they can be of gadgets is a reader of PocketBook, and the room you choose. Them now of the sea from our own and to foreign. From expensive to cheap. There can be only reading and learning. Toys there and especially no Internet. Upload text from an external drive. Moderators, this is not advertising. I do not specify neither the firm nor the particular reading device. This device is beneficial to any parent. It seems to be an electronic device, and at the same time, the book.
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