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A vowel letter can words give 2 sound?

It seems necessary to begin to correct the issue, as the letter can never "give" sounds. \r\n\r\zvuki primary, we hear and pronounce the letters well - written symbols of sounds, only their symbol, a reflection. \r\n\r\pitak, in some cases, the letter "I" may denote two sounds?\r\n\r\Philco in one: when it is separating soft sign. This is a situation in which "s" indicates the sound "[y*]/otherwise [j*]. It is important to know that the letter "I" stands for two sounds ([d*and]) only together with the formal indicator - soft sign. Single letter "I" two sounds never meant.\r\n\r\primary of these words and their partial transcription: the sparrows/h[b*d*] deer (horn)/OLE[n*j*and] streams/ru[h*d*] the nightingales/solo[in*d*and].
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