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Check whether Yandex Zen the uniqueness of the text which you publish?

She recently signed up for a Yandex Zen and began to write articles.\r\n\r\ptam not only in the rules stipulates that the text should be as unique as its author but it is advisable and also a photo or they were purified from watermarks.\r\n\r\pered publication of each article, narrative - is processed and checked for uniqueness.\r\n\r\NIN case of detection of non-unique text will decrease dramatically the number of views of articles in the channel is imposed by the engine pessimizatsiey and all articles will only be shown to subscribers of the channel.\r\n\r\pcakge can be reduced by advertising in publications, and sharply lower revenues from monetization.\r\n\r\n again to return to channel views, you will have to edit all the not enough unique content. But if non-unique text more than half of the total material, then the channel can even lock.
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