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The child is 11 years old and for five months the temperature 37 to 39,5 what to do?

Recently children with this condition all the more. I know, because my daughter, who is also eleven, a month is examined for the same reason. Started with high temperature. Was fever, the temperature rose to 41. And so three or four times a day. Injections and pills are very weak and slow acting. So it was 10 days. Then the temperature slightly lowered. Max rose to 39 and 7. All this time I was tested was two times in the hospital. Doctors found no cause. Checked for toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes, and much more. Cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, gynecologist looked, did ultrasound, x-ray. Found that the liver is enlarged. Nothing more. Maybe the liver is enlarged, because a lot of medicines during this time. We were discharged and not finding the cause. The other day the hospital called and asked to donate blood again. They think it may be Lyme disease. This is when bitten by a tick. The girl who was lying with her daughter in the house, was with similar symptoms. X-rayed several times. Show nothing. But at some account picture I saw a darkening in the lungs. So you need to be examined and to study the body from all sides. This must be done persistently, because no one will take care of your child like you.
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