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Nikita Mikhalkov. How many years in 2019, as a condition?

Nikita Mikhalkov is a famous Soviet and Russian actor, Director, producer, talented and creative man, with its stable political position in light of contemporary realities in the country and in the world.\r\n\r\obladatel of the award "Oscar" for Best foreign language film. Born October 31, 1945 in Moscow in the family writer, poet Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov and poet , translator, Natalia konchalovskaya. He has another celebrity brother Andrei Konchalovsky.\r\n\r\PU his second marriage. His first wife was actress, Anastasiia Vertinskaya. Married in 1966, had a son, Stephen.\r\n\r\vtoroy marriage - wife Tatiana. They have three children together - Artem born in 1975, and two daughters, Anna and Nadezhda. Children walk the paths of the father, in films, are programs on TV.\r\n\r\PCT for age, now Nikita Sergeyevich 73 years old, in October will celebrate 74. Anniversary a year and a half. In August 2018, the actor had two surgeries on the thigh - the result of old sports injuries. With the appearance on the scene, limping, he joked, "And I go limp in Moscow..."\r\n\r\me later in Moscow there were rumors that the actor is suffering from cancer, as he was unable to attend one of their festivals. He explained that he was ill with pneumonia. So I hope the rumors were exaggerated. Nikita Mikhalkov is working, and not just in artistic genre. He translated several works of nonfiction under the title of "Besogon".
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