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What is the difference of consciousness from the mind?

Consciousness and intelligence are correlated approximately the same as the railroad and trains. That is, the first concept is wider than the second, and include them as an integral part.\r\n\r\prisum is the purely rational side of consciousness. But he has also the emotional component and relation to the world and self-awareness of himself as a man in relation to everything around him. More consciousness includes, for example, creativity (the phenomenon itself is poorly formalized and rationalizarea).\r\n\r\PA because it, in consciousness, also includes memory and concentration of attention, distraction, relaxation, willpower and motivation, ideals and values, ideas of what is acceptable and unacceptable. \r\n\r\PI extremely difficult intertwined. So difficult that even a single case of "untangle" the mess is incredibly difficult. Not to mention the construction of universal models that would describe the exact structure of consciousness in General...
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