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How to cure a dry cough? What are the methods?

Recently she was faced with the phenomenon of shared experience, very cheap and budget way to combat dry cough. Buy tablets with thermopsis, which used to cost a penny, and now inexpensive. Taken strictly the supplied instructions, one tablet three times a day, but not more than ten days. Grass termopsisa not so harmless. Help - rubbing body menovazin, which is not more than 30 rubles per bottle. Rubs your back at night, something warm for yourself and go to bed. Heats well and soon the cough becomes wet.\r\n\r\nup forget about the excessive drinking, but personally, I try to be not sweet. Just tea with lemon, can with a small spoon of honey. Good to drink mineral water and if you have an inhaler, use it by adding mineral water.
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