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Why wearing the bags in his hands brings discomfort throughout the body?

No wonder,just no wonder mostly when we buy a bag or even just purse,in addition to the small hand she still has the big long strap.This is for those who like to carry the bag over your shoulder.Therefore, the choice of the individual how to carry the bag.Right,if a bag to carry in hand,if we carry on bag with weight.Of course,when worn for long after a certain time people will feel the disease in the lower back and pain in the spine.Because there is no uniform load.When the weight in his hand,then there is a load on the pillar of the spine and gradually the whole system of what it is starts to deform.The intervertebral substance, it is not a coarse stone,and a certain consistency that allows the vertebrae to perform its functions.Once a constant load brings it all makes a diagnosis of intervertebral protrusion.That is, the so-called substance starts to come out of its parameter and the result is a skewed.Same thing with joints.
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