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How to recover the bullets led lamp G4?

Most often, the cartridges of this type no longer work because of otherany supply wires from the contacts of the cartridge. This comes from the fact that halogen lamps become very hot. For these cartridges it is better to use led lamps. Repair of cartridges, we need a thin screwdriver, sewing needle, knife, soldering iron, tin and rosin. Remove the cartridge. Needle through the side hole in the cartridge sliding contacts and extract them. They do not need us. If not get them to move, then use a thin screwdriver. Then trimmed the wire half an inch and insert it into the cartridge so that the end of the wire protruded a quarter of an inch from the socket. Insert from the lamp into the hole of the cartridge needle to secure the wire. The end of the wire is folded around cartridge. Bending wire obligees soldering iron. The needle prevents the ingress of tin into the hole for the lamp connections. Take out the needle. Put a lamp and served food. Check the operability. Collect the product. All.
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