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Why on February 23 and March 8 decided to give gifts?

In our world all the rules people come up with and even humorous phrase as the February 23 meet, so March 8 and will hold tells us women that a man must pay due attention and give him a nice gift. And giving gifts is always nice, so, in order to strengthen the good impression about the holiday people began to give gifts to each other. And then it happened and was fixed.\r\n\r\pcto the interesting history of the holiday on 8 March has feminist and political color and originates from 1901. In the American city of Chicago Housewives decided to claim their rights and staged a demonstration. But this festival was born thanks to Clara Zetkin and her friend Rosa Luxemburg. Then about gifts, no one thought. \r\n\r\NIN Russia this holiday started in 1912 in St. Petersburg, but celebrated it on March 2.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\NIN General, the gifts started to return much later. First, the women were released early from work. And in may, 1965, the holiday became official and became a day, and only later joined gifts.
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