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Madrid or Lisbon: what to choose for a trip with the family? Why?

I would probably go to Lisbon. \r\n\r\phota I was in Madrid and in Lisbon that is another city I really liked! \r\n\r but still, a lot depends on the time of year.\r\n\r\pesli this summer, Lisbon definitely, because in Madrid and in Lisbon will be very hot, but in Lisbon there is the Bay and just a yard of the ocean - you can always go and cool off, but in Madrid there is no such advantage. \r\n\r\PPO number of attractions probably wins Madrid and Lisbon and near the many attractions and even during the week not to have time to travel and see. \r\n\r\pese I love Lisbon for its tiles, called Azulejos is so beautiful, when every house in the center is a work of art that is tiled. \r\n\r\n still such nuance - Lisbon is located on hills and often walk on it and to walk is to move up or down at an angle of 90 degrees, which is exhausting not only for children but also for adults.
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