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Football Premier League. Man. United - Liverpool. 24.02.2019. Where how much to watch?

24 will be held on February 27 round of the championship the Premier League, which will be the leaders Manchester United And Liverpool. Liverpool with 65 points and is in first place with Manchester city, Manchester United have 51 points, they are in 4th place. This week both teams were busy in the UEFA Champions League 2018/19 year. If liverpudlians your home game with Bayern reduced to a draw 0-0, the Manchester United miraculously lost to the French Paris Saint-Germain 0-2. Therefore, the upcoming match is a chance for the home team (Manchester United) to justify before the fans. Live broadcast of the match can be viewed on the channel a Match!With football 1 24 February at 17.00 Moscow time, or at the following link.
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