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Is there a difference between the front and rear end of the body of an earthworm?

Of course.At the front end there are the mouth. Includes the mouth, pharynx and intestines of the 3 departments. At the end of the body - the excretory opening. A worm is a pair number, or brain, ganglion (like the brain).Next come the peripharyngeal comissary and paired ventral nerve trunk (peripheral nervous system). They have simplified there are all the organs as in vertebrates. For example, blood vessels carrying blood. The dorsal vessel pulsate, as if heart.There are respiratory, and the excretory system. The organ of vision in the earthworm,but there are chemical and vibration sensitivity.As for the reproductive system, earthworms are hermaphroditic, that is each individual is both female and male beginning. But they have cross-fertilization, i.e., involving two individuals, each both as a man and as a woman. Obladatelnitsa just a lot of eggs. They are in the egg cocoon , as if in a bag, which is removed from the worm and lays in the ground before the release of young individuals. Notice that for a person earthworms are very useful because they improve the soil in the fields, in gardens and orchards.
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