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стиль и красота

What is the difference between sea and river tan?

There is no difference. It all depends on time and place. Here the main thing is to sunbathe. This should be done morning and evening when Sun rays penetrate thicker layers of air and the inclination of the rays are not perpendicular. Then the skin suffers less from burns and it is well accumulated melanin. \r\n\r\nThis is the main condition. A fresh water or salt does not really matter. Well, if only feeling worse from salt water. \r\n\r\pesli you still managed to burn the skin in sea water the salt will be stronger "to sciatica".\r\n\r\PKO my daughter with children love to come and sunbathe. First the latitude is right, 52 degrees. Even at noon the Sun is high. Beach 100 meters from cottage. Sand and grass. Choose on choice. Then go to 11 hours and sunbathe. Then to the country. Breakfast and sleep. Sleep after lunch and in the evening after 16 hours again to the beach. And so a month. Black their was no one. Left, so there is no one believed that they were in Central Russia on the Volga. All said that no need to lie, so you can sunbathe only in the Emirates or the Maldives. \r\n\r\PI curiously, this tan stayed for a surprisingly long time. Almost to winter. \r\n\r\pmne nothing more to add!
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