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Is there a difference between 8 and 12 GB of RAM?

If you argue from the point of view of purely technical - the difference, of course, there are easily measurable - 8192 MB of RAM vs 12288 MB. That is, the difference in the presence in your PC, laptop, smartphone, or even where the excess of 4096 MB of RAM.\r\n\r\palee all depends on the functionality that the memory strength test.\r\n\r\nTo to sit on the computer or phone on the Internet and watch Youtube, what first, what second, eight GB enough for the eyes (in smartphones, in principle, is not put all the same eight gigabytes). 12 GB the phone is unlikely at the moment, in principle, necessary.\r\n\r\kasaemo computers - there is depends, again, on his duties. Work in an office are unlikely to require 12 gigabytes on Board. But the latest gaming news or work with video, 3D graphics and other "heavy" things - there you can boldly and 16 to put. 8 in 2019 is probably a kind of sketchy on the brink. But, do not forget that if we are talking about games and heavy processing should pay attention to the processor and graphics card. The weak variation of these components and 64 gigabytes of RAM is not "stretched".
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