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Why Anna and Maria opanasyuk spoke boldly of many Ukrainian men?

First, I decided what they said, stupidity, ignorance of such words. \r\n\r\PS the incredible difficulties were able to determine their age. And then everything was on their places. They were in the Crimea, became artists, from young nails has performed and toured the world. They have a safety cushion and your own opinion.\r\n\r\Krymskie school is not zombie new history of Ukraine and gave the necessary minimum of knowledge. Them and gave girls and young women in an interview on the air. I understand that one of them is even married. They are thirty - 31 years.\r\n\r\Ptak what it is they are doing a favor and service to Ukraine that will go for this country to sing the festival song. They experienced many Ukrainian applicants, of course. Not a problem for them and foreign languages...
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