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Which stage of addiction is not to come off?

In my humble opinion (and neatorama experience in this field) "jump" is always possible! The doctors can help. And even sometimes they do. But the most important is the desire of the person. If you do not want to tie up, no one therapy will not help!!! Will remove the break-up, and after a time, one fuck will be dead... \r\n\r\TL wanted. Very much wanted! Turned my phone off, closed the house, Two week without sleep, without sleep. Then a month and a half depression which helped to get exhausting physical labor. Perevalova was "dry", i.e. without ulepszanie doses or alcohol. Sat (and tight enough) on methadone. But could... for the past five years do not even think about this stuff. \r\n\r\bottoms of my friend also got down from the system. He really thumps now black, but still glad that have stopped the use of "honey". \r\n\r\presumir: will a will do anything. Will not thereof - no works, no way... \r\n\r\plot something like that...
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