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How to treat the tree in the spring when a shortage of iron?

Describe here the experience of my grandparents. They are always with a shortage of iron at the roots, buried ordinary used cans, especially under the tree. Here two advantages, firstly the tree itself gets the iron, and secondly the banks themselves create a drainage where the roots have a chance to breathe and excessive soil moisture does not rot the roots. Also, when planting seedlings they are always in the hole first laid these cans sprinkle a bit, and then planted sapling. And the father at the cottage in the spring feeds the trees with a shortage of iron in this composition: in boiled water separates the citric acid and iron sulphate, and this team already feeds the trees and bushes. Well, for the best assimilation by plants of iron, it is necessary to acidify the soil, a suitable ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium salts,potassium, sodium, or calcium nitrate).
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