How to behave if you`re in love, but I don`t want to look stupid?

Love is making its mark in the conduct of any person, no matter how he tried to hide it, people will notice the difference. The smile on the face, dark brooding eyes, the radiance in the eyes, activity, desire to be closer to the object of adoration. Love is a wonderful feeling directed to another person. The ability to fall in love characterizes You as a subtle nature, capable of strong emotion. Love is always complex positive emotions. \r\n\r\naprasno afraid of looking stupid . Lucky from friends, colleagues, yourself, were in this state and rejoice for You. The subject of love, Your behavior needs to understand about good intentions. Then he shows his attitude to this fact - or will be "not against" or try to avoid You. \r\n\r\panau many cases are just stupid behavior of the opposite sex brought couple.
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