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The mother and daughter walking at home naked to his apartment in the neighborhood, what to do?

In the question has a paradox, which does not allow to give a definite answer, and therefore got two choices.\r\n\r\n1 Mother and daughter go naked in their own separate apartment. In this case, absolutely nothing to do with them not because they are anyone that does not disturb and do not break. Even if they open the neighbors door in the same way, no one is forcing these neighbors to come to visit them or for any need. Not like, as they say, can not see and do not communicate with the inadequate, in your opinion, ladies.\r\n\r\n2 Women go without clothing in the communal apartment, including the common areas of the neighborhood. These are - the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, WC. In this case, they are breaking the rules of conduct in a public place and apply to them the legal norms that govern it. It is possible to write statements inspector General of police, and also because the daughter, a minor, to the district inspector on Affairs of minors. \r\n\r\nikakie comments women should not do it, for this is the appropriate service, and no physician will not deal with them because they are not dangerous to life and health of others.
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