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How serious illness of Alla Pugacheva in 2019?

As far as I know about the diseases of Alla Pugacheva, she is suffering from diabetes type 2, taking hypoglycemic agents, insulin is not yet connected,when in some cases (insulinopotrebny, not dependent, as in type 2 diabetes), all diabetes complications: retinal vessels, peripheral vessels, suffer, heart. She put not one stent with the progression of coronary heart disease, and following coronary angiography. Shortness of breath and weakness are symptoms of heart failure.\r\n\r\PU it affects the joints of the limbs, changed gait, appearance changed the joints on the arms, legs. It all added up to one "ball" and at this age already has a value for an active life.\r\n\r\nelsa to smoke, but she smokes, you need to follow carbohydrate-free diet. Unfortunately, the process does not stop, only help the medications and the rigid observance of a healthy lifestyle. Age can not be corrected, it is uncontrollable risk factor.\r\n\r\PTEM despite the increased interest in her person in connection with the forthcoming jubilee concert, has stirred up questions about her health,stand or not, able or not, the process of preparing the concert goes, the tickets are sold, despite the very high prices.
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