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How to use baby powder at home?

Baby powder - a universal thing and in everyday life can be useful in many cases:\r\n\r\n\r\hozaystvennih gloves will be easy to pull on and off,if you fall asleep inside them the powder.\rpesli the house has ants to fill with powder, their lanes and they just left.\rpesli powder to fill a small linen bag and put it in the wardrobe with clothes - there will be no unpleasant smell.\rpesli smoke-filled room, to the smell of lime, a powder to sprinkle all the carpets and the curtains and bedspreads, and a well-vacuumed.\r\presutti knots in jewelry will also help baby powder - to sprinkle it on the knot,lightly rubbed and the node itself will become less taut and will be unraveling.\rpesli floor creaking - you need the gap to pour the powder. Creaking or will cease altogether,or become quieter.\rpcakge you can use baby powder as face powder,eyelash extender and dry shampoo\r\vyvesti grease stains will also help powder\r\pcakge powder - a great way to prevent blisters. Need before to wear shoes to treat foot powder. They will be less sweat and calluses will not get chafed.
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