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Enter whether the Russian "Golden ruble" in the 21st century? Why?

No, do not enter. Because it is totally useless.\r\n\r\zapasy gold is gold reserves, i.e. reserves to perform certain financial transactions in astrogational situation.\r "Gold ruble" can be understood theoretically as a simple use of gold for coinage or as the rigid attachment of the produced money to gold reserves. In the first case, all the gold in the world, including the not yet mined, is not enough to fully ensure the total volume of economic transactions. The economy is paralyzed.\r\n\r\PVO the second case is not better: if you type the right of free unlimited exchange of banknotes for gold, the foreigners quickly peoplethat paper money and take all the gold to himself. Then what to do? If to make such an exchange "formal", that is, just write on the dollar "backed by gold", from this inscription, neither heat nor cold.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\PA here and rooted in serious confusion. Any currency not provided reserves of Central banks. They are provided with the economies of the relevant countries and its role in the world. As long as the United States will maintain its leading position in the food chain, to act as a kind of "apex predator" - the dollar is not threatened. Carriers provide more reliable than it would have done without them, and a gazillion tonnes of gold.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\PNI as. The excretion of a huge amount of valuable metal from technical application to the most important high-tech areas, no one is going to make for silly stories spread by pseudo -.
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