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Who should resolve disputes with its neighbors in a rented apartment?

Depending on how You are renting, if officially, You have nothing to fear. If Your neighbors break the silence, there are valid values, or allow you to do noisy work during the weekend - feel free to call the police. \r\n\r\PU we had a similar situation. I can say that the police were not interested in who we are, however, before producing the statement is not reached. Unfortunately, the output was a working day. And they had a right to make noise. The police only conducted outreach.\r\n\r\z we guys are non-confrontational, but when a little child cannot sleep under the sound of the hammer, and ask them not to make noise hour, and in response to hear that the "money paid", then you have come to such measures.\r\n\r\pechalna the position of landlords in Your situation. It turns indifference from all sides. \r\n\r\poezjayte out of there and never look back. There is nothing to tolerate such an attitude that the neighbors (because they will continue to do the repair) that the part of the owners.
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