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What is offered in Germany to replace the school grades?

The green party, the ruling in the Federal state of Hessen, have been told about the cancellation of the assessments in schools. And not only that. The last 20 years the educational system in Hessen is one of the weakest in Germany, and often inexplicable "reformed". \r\n\r\PPO all the land of approximately 1800 schools, but only 150 addressed in the next 5 years to conduct unbiased testing training. Instead of the usual evaluations on the system of "1-6" ("1" is the highest score) teachers invited to give a detailed written evaluation/analysis/review of student work. \r\n\r\nevozmojno to imagine how it will do teacher who has several grades and two subjects (all teachers in Germany are required to keep a minimum of 2 courses).\r\n\r\vrdp the alumni/students/ assessment still needs to obtain. In addition, when moving to another Federal state or just when moving to another school the rating should also be exhibited in a special statement. \r\n\r\pesto arguments "for" and "against". It would be nice a middle ground to find. \r\n\r\PA while, for example, the result of a survey in the German Internet: more than 76% against the new ideas of "green".
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