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How to protect the child from colds and strengthen the immune system?

There are drugs that are prescribed when the child is often sick. For example, immunal (many of them). But the question arises: how old is the child? and what kind of cold? ( just snot or comes to bronchitis, for example). A child who enters the environment , always in contact with various viruses and learns to resist them, respectively, produced by the immune system, eating well, he just lives at home, where no bacteria outsiders( cat, dog, away), he can only perceive the environment from home, the rest for the body is stress that can cause even allergies. the sooner you start to acquaint the child with the surrounding world live, the better it adapts, we for example, the first week began to wash in the bath, will be older , will be tempered by the snow, the cool water already opolaskivaetsya.
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