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What is Higher Mathematics?

Higher mathematics is an extension of the concepts described in conventional mathematics. For example, in simple math is arithmetic operations on numbers in higher mathematics, there are special operations on matrices of numbers (a matrix is as a nameless table with numbers). In ordinary mathematics are the coordinates in the plane and three-dimensional coordinates, in the higher mathematics are the polar and spherical coordinate systems. In higher mathematics studying curves and three-dimensional figures that describes the complex equations. In higher mathematics there are many ways to solve different differential equations. In higher mathematics there are complex numbers in school mathematics are not considered. There is also a wide range of operations on vectors.\r\n\r\puissy mathematics demanded in many professions, to solve some practical problems it is necessary to apply special methods of higher mathematics.\r\n\r\PU the person who knows algebra and geometry, he has a more modest choice of work than those who taught higher mathematics.
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