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Is it possible in the future, the increased life expectancy?

This should be done independently, and not to expect from the state. Life is yours, and not uncles with thick HSS.\r\n\r\PSO is the first step, not the only nor the last. After the change of regime of the day, nutrition and activity in the sport must do the following steps. To work on yourself. In the first place, to find a far-reaching goal is to have something to live long. Then to eradicate the stereotype that old age and death are inevitable. Stop trying to "prepare for old age", as taught by would-be bloggers and infirm Granny to take out a mortgage, save for retirement, to give birth to unwanted children because "it is time". Close your ears on "scientific" data about the inevitability of old age. Start living as if all life ahead of you. For as you call a boat so it will float.\r\n\r\parallelno to do a spring cleaning in my mind, because negative thoughts, fear and condemnation are not less harmful than the smoke from burning plastic.
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