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What adjective unites the beginning and the end of the Romanov dynasty? Why?

The beginning of the reign of the Romanov dynasty in 1613 year, the end - 1917.\r\n\r\PPO ironically both events are connected with the adjective formed from the name "Hypatia".\r\n\r\NIN 1613 year, the future Tsar Mikhail Romanov with his mother hiding from the poles and Lithuanians at the Ipatievsky monastery near Kostroma.\r\n\r\NIN July of 1918, a few months after the October revolution/October revolution, the last Russian Emperor was executed together with his family and retinue. It happened in Ekaterinburg in the house of engineer N. Ipatiev. The house by the time were requisitioned Ipatiev specifically to house the Royal family. Colloquially called the Ipatiev house, by the name of the former owner. By the way, demolished in 1977 by order of Boris Yeltsin, then first Secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional party Committee.
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