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What was the reaction of the audience at a show in the United States and Canada, film T - 34?

The film was not released in wide release in Canada and the United States, so viewers with him a bit. \r\n\r\pesli look at the ratings and reviews and throw out the ones where the word "propaganda", the remaining will be approximately the same as reviews of Russian viewers. \r\n\r\lubiteli action praised the film for entertainment, saying that "the Russians have proven that they can shoot big-budget movie" or "Russian cinema is not only a social drama." Among them there is a small percentage of those who call the film too "childish" in a bad sense - senseless and naive as "transformers", and the schedule is compared with a primitive computer game. \r\n\r\lubiteli war movies called "T - 34" is too pathetic and unrealistic devoting more time and attention to special effects than plot and characters. And compare it with the Soviet military movies and say that those were better - quicker, more powerful, more dramatic. In one of the positive reviews call it "improved" version of the Soviet film "the Lark", 1964.\r\n\r\NIN General, the rating of the movie is average, and anyone who writes "this masterpiece", is the one who says "bullshit".
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