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How to change thickness of lines of a table in word?

To change the thickness of lines in the table should be:\r\n\r\n• Insert the cursor in any cell of the table. Just hover over any cell and click the left mouse button.\r\n\r\n• At the top of the Word file already has a function, Home, insert, page layout, references, mailings, review and View. After you click to the right of the View will be a new Constructor function. Click on the word "designer".\r\n\r\n• a new window will Open. There you will see a cell with two lines. Near one of them will stand the figure of 0.5 PT. It and thickness of all lines of the table. Right of the line will be the icon of inverted triangle.\r\n\r\n• Click on this triangle and line thicknesses. Click the line thickness that will suit you.\r\n\r\n• After that, the arrow cursor changes to a pencil. Here him and things in that line which thickness you want to change. If the cursor has not taken the form of a pencil, you have to click on the pencil icon, which is located nearby.\r\n\r\podaci.
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