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As Tsuki to get to the mountain in the adventure game Tsuki?

Little rabbit, tired of working on their carrot farm, can go in one of the trips to the mountains, and there to climb to the top Ukemi.\r but many of the features in the game you need to activate. Just like the Tsuki mountains will not go.\r\n\r\podyem to the top will be made only if Tsuki will meet a penguin who likes to fish and is the owner of the shop on the main street.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\Satem rabbit goes to the shop to PACC and get yourself a cloak to stay warm in the mountains. Penguin PACC may even offer to buy an ice pick for fishing.\r\n\r\after the purchase of straw capes rabbit-Tsuki at any time can go to the mountain Uchiyama, and after climbing it will record this event in your diary.
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