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Who is heavier, a bull or a giraffe?

To answer this question is definitely difficult. The reason is that by weight they are in the same category. And features is in the habitat, feeding methods, availability of enemies and other factors. \r\n\r\pesli to take the bull beef breed, they are specially selected for meat and fed under ideal conditions. Bulls can reach a weight and 1.5 tons. \r\n\r\PA here giraffes such conditions can not boast. They have the drought, the lions attacked, rhinos wounds caused. Hard outdoors without protection to live without food. Why do giraffes weight of 1.2 tons is considered maximum. \r\n\r\PA but if you compare the usual bulls grazing in the fields, and giraffes, the weight they will be the same, who survive, he will be heavier. And it is mother nature herself will manage.
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