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If you write literary work, it will come true if written in it?

If at the time of writing works to identify himself with one of the characters, the story could come true. There is such a technique based on the writing events that I would like to attract into your life.\r\n\r\pchem more to get used to the role of the protagonist, the more is the likelihood of the events of the novel (story).\r\n\r\nYou can write as an observer of events happening to other characters, to empathize with them, not transferring itself to the events with your favorite (least favorite) characters occur.\r\n\r\writing real stories that have already occurred but not yet completed, you can think of the finale, such as we would like, but it should still be realistic. \r\n\r\Mysl material and the more talented the writer, the greater the likelihood of events invented.
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