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What are the results of the elections to the Parliament of 2019?

Moldova is , as always, complexity. And they relate that a large part of the electorate on the move in search of a piece of bread. Just know that most people are set on Russia, and the party, which is a sort of Russian positively. This party psrm (party of Communists of Moldova) and the party of PSM (socialist). \r\n\r\nbut these parties did not manage last years in any way to form a majority, i.e. 50% plus 1 vote. And would not give Pro-Western parties PDM and their ilk to do so. An example of this elections, when the Communists won a majority in the elections of 2009. The result - a robbery in Parliament. \r\n\r\golosa - the party of socialists about 32%, and it is not the majority, so history repeats itself. The President said he is in the minority.
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