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What kind of insanity the decision of UEFA Dynamo Kiev (single draw)?

Not that it is insanity. Russian and Ukrainian clubs in Euro cups, and also matches of these teams in the qualifiers to different tournaments bred the first year. What is the reason is so clear. By the way, the UEFA Executive Committee was to cancel the principle of divorce, but all left at the same level. Of course, this does not apply to the players themselves, if they say to play then they will play. But only on a neutral field. For example, if the Russian and Ukrainian clubs will reach the final of the Europa League. But on all other stages (where paired - home and away matches) they will breed, so one did not have to go to another country, and most importantly, to bring back their fans. Yes it is hard to imagine that several thousand Russian men allowed on the territory of Ukraine. But at least ten per cent of the tickets should be given to fans of the opposing team.
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