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The areas in which a vector is used? For what it is and what it is?

A vector is a mathematical concept, called a directed segment. The vector is characterized by length and direction. It can be set by defining the start and end.\r but despite the fact that the vector is mainly theoretical, mathematical concept of a point, video, etc. it is widely applied in many fields. Most of all in physics, there are a number of vector quantities (force, velocity, momentum) without which it is impossible to solve many practical problems. For example, in electrodynamics, the vector direction of the electric field strength and magnetic field induction is very important. For example, the phenomenon of polarization. And the Polaroids are widely used in engineering.\r\n\r\drank the vectors of forces in construction and engineering (strength of materials), engineering calculations calculations it is impossible to build bridges, machines etc. \r\n\r\pVector speed are of great importance when flying aircraft and missiles.
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